Infuse AI with your
business DNA to thrive

Bridging the gap from potential to real-world impact

Unlocking the potential with AI-powered solutions

HTEC provides end-to-end solutions spanning strategy, design, engineering, and managed solutions to help organizations use artificial intelligence and drive measurable business impact. Companies building
a strong data foundation and AI capabilities will be better equipped to innovate, compete, and reach unprecedented performance levels.

We assist businesses in preparing their data, teams, and workflows for AI through a secure cloud-based foundation, enabling ongoing innovation and enhanced growth, efficiency, and resilience.

Innovation Strategy

Drive innovation through opportunity discovery, goal setting, and experimentation.

Experience Design

Create immersive digital experiences through human-centered design.

Product Engineering

Ignite innovation into market-leading products through cutting-edge methodologies.

Technical Strategy

Align technology with business goals through expert execution of technical strategies.

Domain expertise-driven business solutions with powerful AI frameworks and comprehensive solutions.

Generative AI

Securely, responsibly, and sustainably innovate using Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI.

Cognitive Design

Represents a transformative approach in product development, emphasizing the harmony between technology and human cognition.

Responsible AI

Develop and implement AI solutions that uphold ethics, transparency, and trustworthiness.

Machine Learning

Proven custom machine learning models developed in-house for computer vision, NLP, and more.

Decision Intelligence

Custom predictive models for improved sales forecasting, risk analysis, demand planning, maintenance, logistics, and more.


Robust AIOps and MLOps solutions for model deployment, monitoring, and compliant data pipelines.

Intelligence Process Automations

Streamlined intelligent automation for workflows in HR, legal, finance, healthcare, and compliance.

Knowledge Management

Semantic search, tagging, and rules-based recommendations to optimize enterprise knowledge and content.

Democratizing AI to fuel business innovation

Our AI solutions framework makes leading-edge techniques accessible, allowing us to rapidly transform ideas into real-world outcomes tailored to clients’ strategic needs. It powers this staged process—from research to deployment—with comprehensive solutions and programmatic applications customized to each objective.

By demystifying AI, our capabilities and frameworks enable HTEC to deliver transformative partner outcomes, finding efficiencies while accelerating time-to-value.

StepFrame AI’s modular building blocks enable methodical construction of impactful AI

Problem assessment
Cognitive design
Secure data onboarding & security
AI/ML model development
Continuous solution optimization
Deployment & scaling

Our iterative ideation & development AI framework enables

Rapid ROI

Faster time-to-value with proven frameworks to rapidly scale AI adoption

Integrated teams

Provides integrated frameworks and tools that align teams and maintain productivity

Boosted productivity

Improved efficiency and productivity via AI-augmented business processes

Responsible AI

Incorporates practices transparency, bias detection, testing, impact assessments

Business growth

Expand into new markets and revenue streams with AI-powered solutions

Risk mitigation

Mitigated risks with governance, transparency, and bias monitoring

Strategic enablement

Strategic capabilities developed through knowledge transfer and coaching

Competitive edge

Competitive advantage from utilizing future-forward techniques early

Scalable AI

Scalable growth supported by industrialized AI development practices

Future-proofed systems

Embeds the newest AI advances through regular platform upgrades

Standardized consistency

Competitive advantage from utilizing future-forward techniques early

Validated innovation

Fast creation of scalable PoCs to validate assumptions before major AI investments

Co-creating the world we want to live in

From today's trendsetting brands to the startups shaping tomorrow, we collaborate with organizations we respect and applaud. Over two decades, our commitment has been to jointly shape a more open, resilient, and optimistic world alongside our clients.

We help global enterprises across industries to blend AI with human-centered design for powerful business outcomes.

Healthcare & life sciences
Industrial & robotics
Transport & Logistics
Software as a service
Financial Services
Media & entertainment
Retail & Consumer

Empower your customers, your team, and your community

Throughout our consultative process we apply Cognitive Design principals and Responsible AI practices to ensure human integrity and ethical guidance

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